Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles

April 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

We live across the street from what is supposedly one of the best Pho restaurants in the DC area, Pho 75. Pho 75 was actually the first place I ever had pho. Brandon’s friends are unusually big Pho fans, to the point that one of them coined the phrase getting on the “pho train,” to communicate to their co-workers that they were going to Pho 75 for lunch. True story. If you’ve never had it, pho is a hot noodle soup, served with thin slices of beef, and topped with fresh bean sprouts, jalapenos, thai basil, and lime.

So why am I talking about pho and showing you pictures of popsicles? Well, aside from serving up hot noodle soup, they serve coffee. With each cup individually brewed, Vietnamese coffee is extremely dark and thick, almost syrupy in nature. The signature sweetener for their coffee is sweetened condensed milk. A thin layer coats the bottom of each cup and the coffee is poured on top. When stirred together it creates this incredibly rich and candy-like beverage, unlike any average cup of coffee. This cup of jo also transforms well into a delicious frozen treat, thanks to David Lebowitz’s ingenious idea.

These pops served as the perfect recipe for breaking in my new popsicle mold (best Amazon purchase ever). With only two ingredients, they could not be simpler. Depending on the size of your molds, you may need to increase the recipe- I doubled mine. You could also use decaf coffee to turn these into a show stopping summer dinner party dessert.


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