Growing Up with a Garden

July 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

{Boston Lettuce}

When we were growing up, it was totally normal for my mom to ask around dinner time during the summer, “Can someone go pick the lettuce for the salad?” Or zucchini, tomatoes, arugula, cucumbers, parsley, basil- whatever ingredient was needed for the meal that night.  It was as straight forward as her request for my brother and I to set the table.

{Zucchini Flowers}

{Tomato Plants}

My mom still gardens, even though neither of us live permanently at home. Being home for the entire month of July, I get to indulge in all her fresh produce again.  It’s one of the biggest perks!


My mom’s current vegetable garden used to be a stone patio where we had our outdoor dining table and chairs.  We never ended up eating out there that much because of the bugs, so a couple years ago she pulled up some of the slabs of stone and converted it into a garden.  I love the way the stone forms a frame and walkway around the garden.

Things have only just begun blooming, but it’s amazing how much you get out of one tiny plant.  Eating from the garden is great in the summer, but it’s pretty amazing to be using the sage and rosemary that somehow always survives the cold temps in our Thanksgiving meal. It totally makes me want to expand beyond my flower box herbs and have a true garden some day.  It is, of course, so Contessa to be able to step outside and grab an herb or ingredient from the garden.


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