The Best Corn Chowder

September 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

Comfort food may be one of the most overused phrases among food blogs.  I don’t excuse myself, I’m completely at fault too. But oddly enough, those words didn’t pop into my head last night when I sat down to write about this chowder. All I could think was- homey.  This soup is downright homey.  It’s heart warming without being too weighty.  It completely embodies the transition from summer to fall. It makes you want to sit at home with your family and just have dinner.

This recipe is rather labor intensive.  There’s chopping.  You have to shuck eight ears of corn and then cut the kernels off. Some of the soup has to be puréed.  But, you see, this is the second time I’ve made this recipe.  There is no shortage of corn chowder recipes out there, I easily could have chosen one that doesn’t require as much work.But I didn’t, and here’s why. Most corn chowders, I find, are more about the cream and cheese, and less about the corn.  That’s fine in the dead of winter when you can’t get fresh corn, but right now is the best time to buy fresh corn.  And when corn is good, it’s really really good! So I like this recipe, because it truly highlights the corn, and doesn’t weigh it down with other ingredients.  Also, given that corn is so sweet when it’s in season, the bacon provides the perfect salty bite against the sweetness of the soup. It’s all around addictive. Will you make this soup already?

We’re attending the wedding of one of my dearest childhood friends this weekend.  It’s going to be beautiful! Pictures to come on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Corn Chowder adapted from Saveur

I follow Saveur’s recipe exactly except for the following small modifications. Enjoy!

-The recipe calls for six cups of milk, I use 4 cups of whole and 2 cups of skim. You could use all whole, or all 2% all well.  I also recommend using organic milk as the flavor is naturally much richer.

-This time I added a whole chopped jalapeno (seeds and all) into the onion mixture.  I think it adds to the flavor, but one pepper didn’t provide much heat. If you’d like a spicy soup, I recommend adding 2-3 diced jalapenos into the onion mixture before it’s sautéed.


§ 3 Responses to The Best Corn Chowder

  • Meredith D. says:

    I love corn chowder. Any ideas for a pescetarian on a pancetta/bacon substitute? Shrimp and corn chowder comes to mind but wanted your thoughts. How would you suggest bringing in shrimp? Thanks!

    • Clara says:

      Meredith! So sweet to see you here. Yes you could use shrimp, or just go all veggies. Here’s my recommendation for adding shrimp or not: up the ante on the veggies, so more onion, celery, garlic, a few diced carrots for color and depth, for flavor I’d do a few tablespoons of tomato paste and worcestershire sauce (that will give you that smokiness), and then lastly if you want to do shrimp, place whole or chopped fresh shrimp in during the last 2-3 minutes of the cooking process (they’ll cook very quickly). To enhance shrimp flavor you could even sub out sme f the milk with shrimp or fish stock. Hope that helps! Let me know when you’re up north so we can get together!

  • starvingartist45 says:

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