Constructing Your Kitchen- A New Weekly Series

October 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

Last Friday when I attended a talk by Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen, I fully expected to be in the company of intense foodies- master food bloggers with ridiculous photography skills and homemade recipes to boot. I was so sure this would be the case, I prepared my questions ahead of time (really!). So you can imagine my surprise when the first question posed came from a 20 something girl sitting in front of me, who candidly asked, “As someone who’s starting their first kitchen, can you give me any tips?” Whaaaaat?

I hold nothing against this girl (it’s a perfectly acceptable question), I was just surprised.  First by the fact that I had been so wrong, and second because my first thought after she asked it was- oh I can tell you what to do! I’d love to help! And so I decided to. Across the next few weeks I’ll be conducting a little series each Wednesday focused around constructing a fabulous and well functioning kitchen- everything from which appliances to invest in and not invest in, to why to stay away from butcher blocks, the dried herbs you’ll actually use, and which kitchen tools aren’t worth your time.  If there’s an area you’d like me to cover, please let me know! And of course I’d love to hear your tips and tricks as well, so please do share.

I’ll kick things off a little later today with a list of my top ten pantry must haves. Stayed tuned!


§ 4 Responses to Constructing Your Kitchen- A New Weekly Series

  • First Question: Is it possible to grow an small herb garden in-doors over the winter months? It’s very depressing (and expensive) in the winter months. My 1 south facing window is 4 feet away from a two story home so the sun light never get into that window 😦

    • Clara says:

      Hi Tara! Wow that’s a tough situation. I must admit, I don’t have too much experience with indoor gardens so I turned to my mother for advice. She’s been growing bountiful indoor and outdoor gardens for years. There’s little you can do without sunlight, so she recommended a growing lamp (Amazon has some great options- Also, I found this site to be particularly helpful in understanding what type of growing environment each herb needs- I realize a growing lamp isn’t the cheapest solution, but in the long term it will definitely save you from having to continuously buy those overpriced packets of herbs in the grocery store all winter long! Hope that helps.

  • Dare Right says:

    Great idea for a series! I’m looking forward to your posts on this topic!

  • AWESOME! Thank you for all of that detailed information!
    You are very much appreciated!

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