My Stuffing Philosophy

November 16, 2011 § 6 Comments

I’m not gonna lie, I think my family’s stuffing is the best. No other stuffing is superior; my mother’s stuffing is sheer perfection. I don’t want to research new recipes, I just want the same sausage, apple, and cornbread stuffing she’s been making for years.

But don’t you feel the same way? Don’t you think your family’s stuffing is the best? I think most people feel this way, which is why I decided against posting a recipe and instead want to talk about my stuffing philosophy.  Even though I want no other stuffing on Thanksgiving, stuffing is stuffing and there are tons of other delicious recipes out there.  But here are my three requirements- you need something savory, you need something sweet, and you need a decent mix of breads. For savory I think something like sausage, thick cut bacon, or pancetta. For sweet I love granny smith apples, but what about pears or some sort of dried fruit like cranberries or dates? That would be delicious. And lastly- the bread. You need at least two kinds, if not three.  My family’s recipe includes peasant bread, whole wheat, and homemade corn bread. I don’t think I’ll ever give up having corn bread in my stuffing but there are so many other interesting and flavorful breads out there. What about rye, pumpernickel, or sour dough?

So tell me- what do you guys put in your stuffing?  Do you need something sweet and salty? What kind of bread do you use? Anyone have any good vegetarian stuffing recipes? I’d love to hear!

Ps:  If you’re interested in seeing my family’s recipe (I promise, it’s amazing!), leave a comment and I’ll email it to you!

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