Let’s Not Talk Food

December 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

Last night one of my dear readers, Karen, generously awarded me the “Versatile Blogger Award.”  I’m still figuring just exactly what the honor entails, but I’m so touched that Karen chose me (thank you, Karen!). So, according to the rules, if you receive this award you’re asked to share seven details about yourself that your readers wouldn’t readily know.  You guys know a lot about what goes on in my kitchen, but maybe not too much about me. The timing of this award couldn’t be better because that’s something I’ve been meaning to change around here.  So without further ado, here are seven things you likely didn’t know about me:

  1. I sang, danced, and played the piano for years growing up. I love love love musical theater and show tunes (which is likely why I’m obsessed with Glee) and performed in many musicals in both school and local theaters. In my next life I’d like to be a Broadway star, ok?
  2. I spent close to a month in the last year in Las Vegas. I work as an event planner and Vegas is a really popular event destination. Believe me when I say Vegas is not as fun when you’re there for work instead of pleasure. Casino lights and cigarette smoke at 6 am are not something I love waking up to!
  3. I have a younger brother, Teddy. People have told us we look like twins, which I love.
  4. I have an extreme hatred for bananas. This is rather ironic because apparently my first word was banana! Well, it was really just “ba” which my mom took to mean banana, which usually meant I was hungry.
  5. I want a dog so badly! We had the sweetest dog growing up and she passed away just a few years ago at age 15. I still miss having her around. There’s a dog adoption agency in our neighborhood that has the dogs wear coats that say “Adopt Me” on the side while they’re walking them. I’ve come very close to taking one of these pups home!
  6. I’m a total morning person. My favorite time of day is between 8 and 10 am.
  7. In the last few months, I started working for myself as an independent event planner! It’s a bit daunting but also very exciting.  This change also means some exciting changes for the blog, so stayed tuned for more on that!

That’s it for me! Now it’s your turn. I love learning about my readers, got something fun to share? Surprised by anything I mentioned above?

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§ 5 Responses to Let’s Not Talk Food

  • Liza M. says:

    I have the smallest house on the planet perhaps…685 sq. ft. Not an apartment, a house, with a yard and all. But it’s adorable and I love it. Oh, and an 18 year old 3 legged cat. She’s adorable too!

  • Clara says:

    Wow,that’s sounds so cozy, Liza! My apartment is 650 square feet and I love the size. It’s funny what you get used to!

  • snowflakes says:


    Thanks for sharing about you. Agreed, being in vegas for work is not fun. Event planner, exciting, I thought you would be in writing or literature, as your blog reflects amazing writing skills.

    Fact abt me: I love ceramics.

    • Clara says:

      Oh goodness, you are too sweet! Sometimes I think I’m a terrible writer, so it’s really nice to hear that :). I never met anyone who did ceramics, that’s so interesting! What kind of pieces do you make?

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