Real Life Reality Check

January 31, 2012 § 10 Comments

{my desk after a morning of work}

A few months ago my friend Carey came over for dinner. Carey and I have been friends since college and I was excited for her to see my new apartment. As with all dinner parties, I like to make sure my home is clean and tidy before guests arrive. I am a full on neat freak so I’ll be the first to admit I probably go to greater lengths than most people to get things prepared, but it’s important to me.

After we had poured some wine and I’d given Carey the little tour, she turned around and said “Ok, there has to be some disaster of a closet around here or something??” I had to laugh. Yes, I had made the extra effort to clean but I didn’t expect that reaction! While I’m proud of my home, it’s far from perfect 100% of the time. I know you haven’t seen my home (well maybe some of you have), and I really have nothing to prove, but sometimes I think a blogging reality check is in order.

I love blogging, and I love reading other people’s blogs, but at times seeing all the pictures of people’s picture perfect homes, gorgeous dishes, beautiful outfits etc etc makes me think- is this real life? I didn’t really plan on writing a post like this, but as I was walking around my apartment this past Sunday, and I noticed the utter state of chaos we were living in, I had an idea. And then I snapped a few photos, so you could all see me in my real life glory. So here it is! Our everyday lived in home. Take a peak, marvel at my laundry pile, and hopefully you can breathe a little easier about your laundry pile or whatever is irking you about your home!

{the kitchen floor after unloading all our groceries}

{laundry pile-and yes I cut that tag before I washed these clothes!}

{my kitchen counter’s normal appearance}

{what our bedroom really looks like}


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