Biz Notes: “Do not be afraid to want a lot”

January 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Donna-Karen-Collection-shot-by-Jamie-Beck{Donna Karan’s Spring 2013 Collection shot by Jamie Beck}

Yesterday I came across an interview with Debbie Millman, host of the acclaimed radio talk show Design Matters– among other things- like writing five books, and heading up the design division at Sterling Brands. You know- the usual wonder woman.

Admittedly I’ve never listened to one of her shows or read one of her books, but I was so struck by this line in her interview- “Do not be afraid to want a lot”- that I immediately subscribed to her podcast, and downloaded a preview of her most recent book on my Kindle.

I do want a lot. I want a lot that I don’t necessarily reveal. It’s mostly fantasies I have in my head like being on television, writing a book, hosting my own podcast someday, or starting some sort of product line. There’s a level of guilt which comes along with those desires, which is why I don’t share them too openly. I mean, saying I want to be on television kind of implies I think I’m good enough to be on television in the first place. So I’m essentially afraid of sounding like I’m full of myself. But I still want those things. I do. Aaaand I think I can do it. I say fantasies, but I assure you- I’ve painted a pretty detailed picture in my head.

Do you ever feel that way? Like you’re afraid to own up to what you really want career wise- even just to say it out loud? I clearly do, but Debbie’s advice brought new purpose to what I want. It not only made my desires feel more acceptable, but made me want to come forward and speak up about them.

I’ll leave you with her full response from the question, “If you could give a piece of advice to a young person starting out, what would you say?”

“Do not be afraid to want a lot.

Things take a long time; practice patience.

Avoid compulsively making things worse.

Finish what you start.

Often people start out by thinking about all the things that they can’t do. Once you take that path, it’s very hard to get off of it. Shoot high and shoot often.”

Ok, off to shoot high!


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