“Tressed For Success” How Much Money Do You Spend on Your Hair?

February 28, 2013 § Leave a comment


When watching this Oscars this past Sunday, it wasn’t always the dresses that made my jaw drop, but the hair. I’m mesmerized by the luscious locks of celebrities! So when I came across a brief blurb in the March issue of Vanity Fair about Méche, a recently opened salon headed up by dream hair team Tracy Cunningham and Neil Weisberg, I had a thought. How much (more) would I be willing to spend on my hair if the stylist, let’s say, also cut the hair of the stars?

New York is no place for inexpensive haircuts. I’ve come to find I can’t really get away with spending less than $100.00 to get a cut I really really love. When I lived in DC that number was different- closer to $80.00. And I’m sure it’s even lower in other parts of the country. But would you be willing to go higher if the person who cut your hair also cut Gwyneth Paltrow’s or Jennifer Garner’s? That might mean adding another zero to my current $100.00 price tag, in which case a visit to Méche is probably out of the question. But I’m so curious, do you think it’d be worth it?

Images via Méche Salon


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