Blog Notes: Balancing Blogging and Real Life

April 3, 2013 § Leave a comment


Blogging is a slippery slope. Sharing your life online has its benefits, namely from the careersand communities one can build from it. But when blogging about your life becomes part of your work, it can be nearly impossible to define that work and non-work time. Even if you blog for fun, the effort can get the best of you and one day you’ll just find yourself in a mild mental breakdown at brunch because you left your phone at home and you can’t instagram your eggs benedict. Not that that has ever happened to me…

I didn’t sense that blogging was causing my real life to feel out of whack until a few months back, when I started to resent it. I would feel such internal frustration- I wanted time away but I felt obligated to document and photograph every single little thing  to keep up. The problem with that attitude is that instead of helping my blog flourish, it just brought me closer to burnout.

My blogger burnout was brimming right around the time that CC was becoming one of the biggest promotional platforms for my business. Knowing this made me realize just how important it was for me to figure out how to maintain a healthy relationship with blogging because my business was pretty dependent on it! Slowly but surely I started to make some changes, and over the past few months have been able to develop a pretty balanced schedule when it comes to blogging consistently about my life while still having time for my actual life. Here’s how I did it:

I started setting boundaries. I made a point to spend 1 full day a week away from the blog. That generally tends to be Saturdays. I also started setting boundaries around when I would document- or really, not document- my life. One example of this is restaurants. I’ll instagram a pic or two but usually never take my big SLR. That also applies to dinner parties! When I have friends over I just want to spend time with my friends. To get even more specific, sometimes I’ll instagram a pic of dinner before Brandon and I sit down, but then actually post the pic after we’ve eaten and enjoyed our dinner. These little things helps so much!

I got help. Sarah started blogging more, and we brought on Lauren! CC puts out 24 posts per month. Of those 24, I teeter between 12 and 14 posts per month. For me that is the amount I’m able to support while consistently putting out quality content. There are moments where I wish I could do more (and I bow down to you bloggers that do!), but that is simply what works for me.

I began scheduling my social media…a bit. I feel like people have such issues with this, like it’s not authentic or something, but it’s totally necessary for my sanity! Truthfully this is an area I’d like to get a little bit better about. I read a tip somewhere that you should schedule all your content at once- both blogs posts and social media- so that your content and promotion is completed all at once. I’m slowly working towards that.

I’ve tried to detach from my stats. This one is so hard. ‘Tried’ is definitely the operative word. Right now I’m trying not to look at stats on the weekends, but long term I’d really like to limit this even more- it can be such a time suck, and completely unproductive! Plus it often leads me to think all sort of crazy negative things about myself, and well, that is just not useful- period.

Woo that was a lot! But it’s all helped me so much. Have you guys experienced an imbalance when it comes to blogging and real life? How do you separate the two? I’d so love to hear!

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