Introducing… CC Summer Office Hours!

May 23, 2013 § Leave a comment


 Illustration by Ann Shen for Channeling Contessa

I am beyond excited to announce a new CC project that’s been in the works for quite some time. As you guys may or may not know, along with executing events, the majority of my freelance work consists of helping companies and organizations develop their social and digital media strategies. That’s a fancy way of saying I teach them how to tweet, run a successful blog, brand their online personality, implement digital marketing campaigns, and so forth. Since I began doing this work, I always had it in the back of my mind that one day, I wanted to support individual bloggers, freelancers, and small business owners in the same way.

A few months back I got really serious about the idea. At the tail end of some business travel I finally put pen to paper and began jotting down ideas. How did I want to help individuals? What would the services look like? I knew when the words literally did not stop flowing, it was time to bite the bullet, swallow my fears and put a plan into place. Today I’m thrilled to see that plan come to fruition and launch CC Summer Office Hours! Here are the details:

What are CC Summer Office Hours? They’re one-on-one consulting sessions with yours truly, focused on helping you build a better blog and stronger online presence, as well as develop and refine your social and digital media strategies. The sessions are broken down into three distinct service areas:

Blogging for Business: Many people often think CC is my full time job, but it’s really only a small portion. Why devote so much time to something that isn’t paying all my bills? Aside from a deep seated love for blogging, CC continually serves as the biggest source of client work for my consulting business. This is my marketing platform. I firmly believe that a well executed blog can serve as a tool unlike any other to generate new business, increase sales, and grow revenue for any industry. This session is devoted to helping freelancers and small business owners (in a service or product based business) build or finesse a blog that acts to fully leverage your products and services, without making it something that eats up all your free time.

Build a Better Blog For You All too often I see bloggers trying to mimic content that’s already out there, rather than build out their own individual online space. Blogging is only successful (and fun!), if you stay true to yourself. This session is meant for all bloggers (total newbies to seasoned veterans), who are looking to jumpstart their online space and assistance in developing original content that’s truly reflective of their personal brand. We’ll work through developing your “blog brand,” creating content that sets you apart, mapping out a manageable editorial calendar, and tweaking your social media strategy so it all works to your advantage. This session is highly customizable, and meant for both business owners and general bloggers alike who are looking to either start a blog the right way, or give their current one a makeover.

Student to Blogger: My only regret when it comes to blogging is that I wish I had started sooner, as in during college! Because of that, when dreaming up these sessions, I knew I wanted to devote one session to current undergrads. A well curated blog can take you farther than you ever imagined when it comes to building your career. This session is dedicated to college students looking to start and run a blog during their undergraduate years that can work to their advantage when it comes to applying for jobs and entering the work force, or planting the seed for their future business ventures. Please note, if you’re a student and currently have a blog- this session applies to you as well.

How do the sessions work? After scheduling your session, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire via email so I can learn more about your business, current blog, or long terms goals (depending on your situation). Once you’ve completed the questionnaire we’ll schedule a 75 minute call and get to work!

What do I get?

  • One 75-minute one-on-one phone consultation (international clients will use Skype)
  • A detailed outline of notes from our call, including a customized set of action items to put your plan for creating a successful blog into place

How do I set up a session? Send me an email at with a summary of your needs, reasons for setting up a session, and the session you’d like to purchase. If you’re not sure which session is best for you- that’s fine! Once you’ve sent along your background I can help you determine which one is most appropriate based upon your needs.

I’ll be offering sessions from Monday, June 3rd through Friday, August 30th. Since I’ll be balancing things with my regular clients, I’ll be offering a limited number of sessions each month, so sign up sooner rather than later to reserve your spot! To schedule a session, get the lowdown on costs, and access a laundry list of FAQs around these consultations, head over to the CC Summer Office Hours page.

It goes without saying none of the above would be possible without all of you. The sweet devoted people who come back day after to day to say hello and see what we’ve been writing about- you make all the difference! So if I haven’t said thank you enough- thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Now let’s get this summer started- shall we?

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