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June 14, 2013 § Leave a comment


Another week come and gone and here we are at Friday again. Brandon and I had a conversation this week about slowing down time-like we actively pondered what we could do to make time pass more slowly. It’s this year especially that has felt so incredibly fast, don’t you think? Aalas we weren’t able to scrounge up any earth shattering solutions. The conversation only made us realize how important it is to make time for the things we really want to see and do this year, and to not keep shoving them to the “I’ll get to that” list. First step towards that? Making a day trip this weekend to visit good friends who just moved outside the city! I’m excited. But before we get to that- here’s a snapshot of my week, with a few qs for you guys- I need your feedback!

  • Have you guys been the the Gap recently? They are kiiillling it this season. Killing it. I had to restrain myself when I stopped in this week. I picked up these boyfriend jeans, these perfect white jeans, and this scarf. Let me just say I was all ready to splurge on the Current Elliot boyfriend jeans but decided to try to Gap ones on a whim and loved them.
  • Drank kombucha for the first time ever and was pretty into it. Well I had a Synergy Cosmic Cranberry– does that count? My main question for those of you who drink kombucha frequently, do you really notice the health benefits?
  • I’ve been feeling a little uninspired at the gym so I downloaded Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 from Amazon. It’s so intense, but the workouts are only 25 minutes long- making them completely doable. If you’re looking for a good at home workout DVD, I totally recommend it.
  • Have I told you all how absolutely obsessed I am with Scandal? I’ve actually grown attached to the name Olivia because of the main character- to the point of thinking it would be really nice for a future child. Aaand I’ve gone crazy.
  • All this rain has actually made soup in June desirable. Made this traditional tortilla soup from Jeanine Donofrio last night. Overdid it on the jalapeños a little bit (yikes!), but still so satisfying.
  • I’ve been a die hard fan of tan towels for years now but recently starting using Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body and am completely hooked. This is by far the best self tanner I’ve ever used! If you’re looking for one for the season, Bare Minerals is the way to go.
  • A body product I’m in need of and need your opinion- a spray to create beachy waves. Is Bumble and Bumble really the best? Any good drugstore brands? Would love your tips!

And that’s all from me. Hope you all had a great week. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and just plain being here. I heart you all! Now here’s to an easy breezy weekend…. xx

Image by Jamie Beck of Lake Tahoe

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