A Closet to Covet

July 17, 2013 § Leave a comment


One thing that I’ve come to realize about myself is that I can be perfectly content in small spaces, as long as they’re well-organized and beautifully decorated.  The one exception? Closets, of course! Every time I come across a picture of a beautiful walk-in closet, I can’t help but to stop in my tracks.

Because of my propensity for design-related daydreaming, The Coveteur has long been a favorite site of mine. Many of the closets featured are noteworthy solely due to their size (and the amazing labels they contain), but other designs have extra details that make them stand out. See a few of my favorites below, plus find a few tips for maximizing the space you have now.

closet 1
A genius shoe storage system from Tara Swennen

closet 2
A center dressing table for favorite perfumes 

closet 4
Unique displays, created with with favorite items + artwork (Left: Emily Schuman, Right: Kaley Cuoco)

Storage-maximizing built-ins

Tips for loving the closet you have now:

1. Swap out seasonal items: Heavy coats are obvious, but also storing things like lighter sweaters during the summer will free up more space.

2. Add artwork: Even in the smallest closet, a favorite picture can brighten things up, and will make the space feel unique to you.

3. Keep favorite items on display: If you have a walk-in closet, creating a unique display (like those seen above) will make favorite items even more special.

4. Buy matching hangers: Preferably slim ones! It’s the cheapest upgrade, and takes no time at all.

5. Organize by color: Storing clothes by color will impart a sense of organization, no matter what your space is like.

P.S. Clara’s closet overhaul from last year

If you have any tips, we want to hear ’em!


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