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July 26, 2013 § Leave a comment


Today marks our second to last day in Maine. Tomorrow we head home well rested and ready to get back into our lives in New York. Even though this trip was a work-cation, I felt like I really got the benefits of both. The last two weeks have been a vacation in the sense that we spent more time in the sun, had adventurous weekends, ate out more than usual, and read a ton. But my work also felt surprisingly productive. I’ve been really focused on business plans for the future and ways I can make the most of the rest of this year.  Suffice it to say August is going to be a hot mess of meetings, but I’m feeling really ready! And with that here are a few observations and fun things from the week:

  • On the fun front, omg sales sales SALES. I’m really trying not to succumb and only make necessary purchases. These booties were a necessary purchase.
  • I felt like I struck gold this week on Jacquelyn’s blog with her insanely brilliant but simple Photoshop tutorial. I experimented with her technique on all the photos in this post- you have to try it!
  • One of the things I noticed most about the last two weeks was that even though I was physically working less hours- spending more time outdoors, working out, and not working on the weekends- I was more productive. The trip really showed me the value of intentional time away from my computer. Making this habit a priority when we get home!
  • I need this Buttermilk Ranch from Food 52 in my life stat.
  • Did you catch Sarah’s recap of her time in Colorado? Such a fun trip!
  • Love how Kate rocked her baby bump after leaving the hospital. And that is all I’m going to say about the Royal Baby.
  • sea salt pocket tin? I need this.
  • If you guys aren’t reading Ashley’s “Dating My Husband” series, you need to be. Her honesty is so refreshing. I can’t wait until her cookbook version of this column comes out.
  • Loved this article on why being an eternal newbie leads to awesome work.
  • Aaaand you should be making pancakes this weekend.

I’m off to enjoy my final lobster roll of the trip. And then we’re carting lobsters home more seafood tomorrow to have a feast with my mom! Deeelish. Have a great weekend! xx



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