Breezy Summer Ts

August 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


This pretty much sums up my summer look- white jeans, an easy flat, and endless breezy Ts. Oh, and the aviators. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to jewelry during the summer but sunglasses are a constant accessory.  I splurged on three news pairs this summer. Yep, that happened. Anyway, enough rambling! I’ve got good news. The sweet people at Pickwick & Weller generously sent me a few of their deliciously comfortable Ts to try. And what’s even better? Now you can try them too with a sweet 25% discount thrown in for CC readers. I love the Avery Long Fit (what I’m wearing), and the Ondine would be perfect for fall, don’t you think? You can access the discount here, along with a quick survey that will help you choose which T is right for you. Happy shopping, friends!

Ps: And you can disregard the mildly wrinkled look- I blame being tossed around in the subway all day, and wearing this shirt entirely way too much before photographing : ) They’re truly irresistible.



AviatorsShirt (c/o Pickwick & Weller)PantsLoafers (on sale!)


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