Can you do me a favor?

September 12, 2013 § Leave a comment


Remember all those back to school forms? I vividly remember this light blue 5×7 card my mom had to fill out that contained my emergency contact info, and somehow the deadline for getting that back felt so serious and intense. Oh elementary school, I do not miss it! Or high school for that matter….

Buuut along the lines of school forms, I have something I need you to fill out today. Don’t worry- no scary deadlines! Ok well there is a deadline, you have until Sunday September 22nd to complete my reader survey. If you don’t fill it out you won’t be sent home early, but if you do (!) you will make this girl right here so SO happy. Seriously, can you envision me jumping up and down giddy with excitement? Maybe I should make a video. As I said, Channeling Contessa is changing-there will be a new site, new name, new everything- but I want to make sure that as we grow and evolve, I still deliver when it comes to the content you want. So could you answer a few questions? I’ve definitely asked for your honest opinion, so all constructive criticism is welcome. You can take the survey RIGHT HERE.

Image Source: Brown Butter Snicker Doodles from Ambitious Kitchen (yum!)


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