“Tressed For Success” How Much Money Do You Spend on Your Hair?

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When watching this Oscars this past Sunday, it wasn’t always the dresses that made my jaw drop, but the hair. I’m mesmerized by the luscious locks of celebrities! So when I came across a brief blurb in the March issue of Vanity Fair about Méche, a recently opened salon headed up by dream hair team Tracy Cunningham and Neil Weisberg, I had a thought. How much (more) would I be willing to spend on my hair if the stylist, let’s say, also cut the hair of the stars?

New York is no place for inexpensive haircuts. I’ve come to find I can’t really get away with spending less than $100.00 to get a cut I really really love. When I lived in DC that number was different- closer to $80.00. And I’m sure it’s even lower in other parts of the country. But would you be willing to go higher if the person who cut your hair also cut Gwyneth Paltrow’s or Jennifer Garner’s? That might mean adding another zero to my current $100.00 price tag, in which case a visit to Méche is probably out of the question. But I’m so curious, do you think it’d be worth it?

Images via Méche Salon


Life Lately | February 15th |

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When I first started doing these Life Lately posts, life was utterly chaotic, and they served as a really good way for me to slow down and sort of re-group on the week. I never imagined though, that I’d sit down to write one of these posts and the only thing that would come to mind would be- life has simply been hard, lately.

A very significant member of my family passed away last week. It’s the kind of event where when it first happens, blogging makes no sense at all. I went back and forth on whether or not I would say anything on CC. The blog is such a big part of my life, but somehow sharing this event here didn’t seem appropriate. But then as the days went by blogging seemed like more of a lifeline, something that would push me to stay creative and actually help keep my spirits up. I love hearing from you guys and knowing how much you get from CC, but selfishly I think I’m the one that benefits the most! Being able to cook, create, and share my life with you in this way is such a privilege.

As hard as this week has been it’s made me so incredibly thankful for the people I do still have in my life. Throw in lots of good food cooked by my mom and things aren’t half bad. Here are a few things online that have also made me smile:

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! xx

Image Source: These Moments found via wit + delight

Life Lately | February 1st |

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To say I’m looking forward to the weekend seems glaringly obvious, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting this weekend in particular namely because- wait for it- we have nothing planned! I’m so ready for hours upon hours of down time at home to read and cook a ton of recipes from my “to make” list. A mani in the neighborhood, and a few long sweaty work outs are also on tap. It all just sounds like pure heaven, doesn’t it?

This week, like the last, has been nothing short of bonkers. But amidst all the work it was still pretty fun. Here’s a snapshot of what went down:

  • I did a little interview over on Meyers Styles and shared some behind the scenes info on my business, blog, and work plans for 2013. Thanks so much for having me, Katie!
  • I made a version of this blasted broccoli but with cauliflower and omg was it good (insert Contessa voice). I’ve been in a cauliflower mode after having a cream of cauliflower soup for dinner out last weekend. Anyone have a good recipe for that?
  • The photo above is a snapshot from a photo shoot I helped run last weekend. To say working for myself has lead to some incredible opportunities would be a huge understatement. Feeling so thankful as of late.
  • Grabbed a quick lunch with an old friend this week at Taboonette near Union Square- a completely unassuming little restaurant, but the food was incredible. I had the zucchini cakes, and then we split a slice of cardamom tea cake for dessert. Swoon.
  • Sarah and I kind of rocked out on our Facebook page. Have you been over there? I know, I know… shameless plug… but really, we post some pretty fun stuff over there and I love using it as a vehicle for sharing all that we’re loving from around the web, that we don’t always get to post here.
  • My dear friend Becca launched her textiles line, Rebecca Atwood Designs, this week! I could not be more proud of her. Her work is stunning and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of her gorgeous pieces.
  • I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve selected a new contributor for CC! I was blown away by the number and quality of applications, so this was not an easy decision, but thank you so much to all who applied. We’re feeling pretty loved over here.

Alright, I think that about does it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for reading this week, seriously- we heart you all. Here’s to a wonderful February! xx

Life Lately

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I’m tempted to stick with these “Life Lately” posts on Fridays for the next few weeks. These past few weeks have been so busy, that come Friday morning, I’m so ready for a few minutes at my desk to simply sit and reflect on all that’s happened this week. Here’s a little snapshot of my week and what’s been on my mind:

  • I’ve been getting home pretty late in the evening which hasn’t left much time for making dinner, but one of my favorite go to 10 minute dinners is black bean nachos. I line a baking sheet with whole grain tortilla chips, spoon on a whole can of organic black beans, a heavy dose of fresh salsa, top with some cheese,  and bake at 400° for ten minutes. I serve the nachos with pickled jalapeños,  more hot sauce, and greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). A simple salad alongside makes this a really satisfying dinner!
  • We just wrapped up the first season of Homeland and omg is that show good. I know, I’m a little behind on that train. In other news Smash is coming back! And Glee returned this week. #ilovemusicaltheater #nojudging
  • Today is the last day to apply for our contributor position! To all of you who have already applied, thank you so much for all your thought and hard work- I’m truly blown away. We still haven’t made any selections so you have until this evening to apply.
  • I had these incredible ricotta pancakes at brunch last weekend (pictured above), and am thinking a need to recreate them for CC- would you guys be interested in that?
  • Yesterday I came down with a lovely sore throat and cold, so Brandon made Giada’s Marinara sauce over penne for dinner. It was so warm and comforting and reminded me just how good a simple marinara can be.
  • I’ve got a serious travel bug right now. Brandon and I are talking about doing a long weekend trip to Austin in the next few weeks (anyone from Austin??), but I’ve got even bigger hankerings beyond that. Our trip to Italy in September feels so far away, and I’m really craving some time outside the country… maybe Croatia? That’s been on my to vist list for years. Any top travel places on your list?

We’ve got visitors again this weekend and I’m squeezing in a photo shoot for work, so not much slowing down around here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

Life Lately

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I swear it was just last Sunday night. We were sitting on the couch, just starting Homeland (addicted, naturally), enjoying a dinner of baked potatoes with yogurt dill sauce and blasted broccoli. See! I remember it so well. It was just last night, wasn’t it? Umm no. Hello, Friday. I’m excited your here, but goodness, this week went by so fast flew isn’t even the right word. Don’t ask me what the right word is.

My brother and two close friends are visiting this weekend, so I’m looking forward to some much needed distraction from work and lots of time spent catching up with everyone! It’s been a busy few days so here are few things going on and what I’m loving around the web this week:

  • See that soup above? It’s a White Bean Soup with Crispy Prosciutto and Parmesan Sage Toasts I put together for the Glitter Guide. Get the recipe here– it’s so easy to make any insanely delicious!
  • Did you know we’re seeking blog contributors? I’m accepting applications until January 25th, you can get all the details on how to apply here. We’d love to have you.
  • I’ve been instragraming pics of sea salt chocolate chip cookies all week. They are so good! I tried out a new version but used mostly cake flour instead of regular all purpose. What a difference! Hoping to post the recipe, soon.
  • One of my favorite bloggers, Erin of Apartment 34, shared her amazing entertaining style on Camille Styles this week- the photos are not to miss!
  • Biggest blog crushes as of late: Leah of Freutcake (how amazing is this thyme and grapefruit cocktail??), and Christin of With a CH– get ready to die laughing. Addicted to her humor and whit.
  • One of my newest work partnerships is with M.M. LAFLEUR, an NYC based clothing company that has created a line of seven incredible dresses for the modern day working woman. Their online shop just launched at the beginning of this year, so if you’re in need of killer work wear- definitely check them out! Aaand you can see a few photos of me, here, wearing the dresses.

Have a great weekend everyone! xx

CC Joss & Main Sale Sneak Peek

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Channeling Contessa joss and main

As I mentioned last week, I’ve teamed up with Joss & Main to curate a little CC style specific sale. At long last, the collection is finally live! So hope on over to J&M to check out all the pieces I picked. The sale features a wide variety of products for the home- everything from the living and dining areas, to the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  I’ve provided a few images of products that will be featured above, but there’s about 90 other pieces. Most of the products truly reflect exactly what I already have in my own home, but there are definitely a few new pieces I’ve got my eye on! Like that marble cutting board and linen dining chair… mmmm can’t wait. Oh, one last thing- Joss & Main is a membership only site, so if you feel like shopping but don’t want to “wait in line” for an invite, feel free to use my personal invite to gain entry immediately. Happy shopping!

Indoor Inspiration: Headboards

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I stumbled across this post by Ashley last week, and couldn’t believe how beautiful her new headboard was! She and her husband picked it out while traveling in Bali, and had it shipped to their home in California (all 11 feet and 600 pounds of it). I love how it makes such a statement, and that it spans the full length of the wall, rather than stopping on either side of the bed.

It just made it into their bedroom, and took seven people to move it, but clearly it was so worth it. I only hope to some day have as meaningful a piece as this, and to have the forethought to pick it out while traveling.

This piece got me thinking about other unique options for headboards, and, as I suspected, there are so many ideas out there. Some look like they’ve arose out of a lack of space, while others are less expensive options, or just simply part of the design. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below, and am making mental notes for my future bedroom. Does any of your furniture come with a great story behind it?

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