Back to Vietnam

September 19, 2011 § 7 Comments

Today marks exactly one month since we returned from our trip and I’ve yet to talk about our time in Vietnam. Since we spent our entire weekend unpacking, today presented the perfect opportunity to tell you all about it. We actually spent the majority of our vacation in Vietnam- a full 8 days!  We started in the north and flew to Hà Nôi, then made our way south through Hué, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City.  We got to swim in the South China Sea, ride motorbikes through the countryside, and eat a ton of delicious local food and beer.  Our tour guides were two friends from college, who had both lived in Vietnam a few years back. Thanks to their travel experience and language skills, our trip felt effortless. Looking through our photos, I can’t believe we got to see and do so much. Here’s a glimpse of our time there:

Ps:  Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, I so appreciate the support!  Who knew basil on sandwiches would be such a hit- glad everyone enjoyed it.


At Long Last, Chili Crab

August 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

For months before we went to Singapore, our friend Nimesh (who moved there) constantly raved about their signature dish- chili crab. All of our friends who went to visit him did the same thing, raved and raved about this crab dish! So on our first night, a chili crab feast was in order. We ordered one chili crab, as well as a white pepper crab and black pepper crab. The chili crab was delicious, but I also really enjoyed the black pepper crab. It was surprisingly smokey in flavor. Oh, and were these crabs meaty! A far cry from skimpy Maryland crabs. They had claws the size of lobsters.

One of the best parts of the whole dish were these little balls of lightly sweetened fried dough, which you use to dip in the sauce and, I suppose, help cut the spice. They were so uniformly shaped too, which made them that much more appetizing.

Along with the crab, we also got some clams. These were spicier! Suffice it to say I was a bit of a sweaty mess by the end of the meal. It doesn’t help that they don’t provide napkins at restaurants in Singapore. It became very clear on this trip that I use a lot of napkins. After our first day I took to carrying tissues in my purse at all times!

Welcoming the Weekend

July 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

When I first moved to DC and didn’t yet have a job, I often met Brandon for lunch near his office.  Since I finished work on Wednesday, I decided to do that today. It felt just like old times!  Seems we’ve come full circle.  We went to Cafe Deluxe, and I ordered the ahi tuna fish tacos with black bean slaw and chipotle crema.  I can’t get enough of these things lately.

Hope your weekend is filled with BBQs and lots of time outdoors!  That will be my motto.


Bagel Bliss

May 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

This past Saturday I was reminded of how effortlessly perfect an everything bagel is for breakfast.  Freshly toasted, slathered in cream cheese- oh is that heaven.  Everyone seems to be a on a best burger or best cupcake hunt these days. I am on a perpetual best everything bagel hunt.  Luckily we live just blocks away from Brooklyn Bagel (oddly named since we don’t live in Brooklyn), that makes some of the best everything bagels I’ve ever had.  Another favorite is none other than Murray’s Bagels, thankfully located in my dad’s neighborhood in NY.  In my mind, the key to a good everything bagel is first and foremost a high quality bagel- crispy on the outside, soft and spongy on the inside, as well as the dispersement of seasonings.  The seasonings must go all around the bagel, not just on the top.  Otherwise the bottom is just like eating a plane bagel- I did not sign up for that.

Do you have a favorite bagel shop, or even better, a favorite everything bagel?

Scenes from Sunday Brunch

April 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

This past Sunday we had brunch at Bayou Bakery, a relatively new restaurant in our area.  I’d been for lunch and was totally won over by their pimento grilled cheese sandwich, so I was  fully anticipating their brunch to be a knockout.

Their beignets were amazing, a delightful powdered sugar mess.

Despite their focus on Southern food, their granola was some of the best I’ve ever had. Super sticky and crunchy, almost caramelized in nature.

They’re clearly capable of a mean latte- a crucial brunch skill.

And lastly, the biscuit breakfast sandwiches.  Their biscuits were everything you hope for- buttery and moist.  But the contents?  I was completely dismayed by their use of pre-cooked eggs.  Talk about a brunch faux pas.

First of the Season

April 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

Today wasn’t the warmest spring day we’ve had thus far, but it was the first opportunity I had to get together with friends after work and enjoy happy hour outside.  I met up with two close college friends at Logan Tavern and enjoyed an array of goodies- crispy ginger calamari, parmesan stuffed bacon wrapped dates (swoon!), and  a spinach goat cheese salad. I also had my first rose in months.  The evening felt light and airy.  Quite possibley the best thing about Logan Tavern is its proximity to Pitango Gelato.  It was only natural to stop there after our meal before heading home. This evening also marked my first ice cream cone of the season.  I couldn’t be happier.

I have the absolute best visitors coming this weekend.  They love food just as much as I do, so there will be much eating.  Hope your weekend is just as wonderful.

Little Date

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night we headed to Rustico for a casual dinner out.  I’m not a big beer person, but I always crave one with a burger and pizza. I also like all beers with the word blonde in the title.  I had their dry aged cheddar burger for the first time and holy mother, was that thing good.  Definitely my new favorite burger.

Then I dragged Brandon to the Dairy Godmother only to find out they were CLOSED.  So instead we made a pit stop on the way home and picked up some of this.  And some gummy worms.  7-11 gummy worms are the best!  Then we watched Knocked Up, which was the perfect end to our Saturday night.

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